Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back from Oslo

Yesterday evening I came back from Oslo, where I visited Annett. It was so nice! First we visited Universitetet i Oslo and the city center. On Wednesday we left for a couple of days of hiking in the mountains in the neighbourhood of Bolkesjø. The first day started very misty, but when this cleared up after a couple of hours a beautiful piece of Norway revealed itself. The second day there was a lot of rain, so we stayed in our tent most of the day and went out for a walk in the afternoon. At night it became extremely cold (couldn't feel my toes anymore), and since the wind had turned straight at the side of our tent and had become very strong we were almost sure the tent would blow away (especially since we had been too lazy to set it up in a decent way :) ).

When we came back in Oslo on Friday, we went to visit a student bar (which used to be called something like `integreerbar') to drink some Norwegian beers and see the student life. This was very cosy, and I think I drank a couple of beers too much there, especially since the day after we went to an amusement park: rollercoasters! I think I'll never get too old for those... In the evening we had a party had Annetts place. Thanks to a beamer borrowed from the university, we were able to project pictures from ICPS on the wall and made it into a nice afterparty.

Such a great week... In a few weeks Annett will come to The Netherlands, and I can show her some typically Dutch things. Any suggestions (besides liquorice)?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

KIWI & Together in Oslo

Friday I came back from KIWI 2005, a couple of days of beer, karaoke and silly games to get to know the new students from Mathematics and Computing Science. It was a lot of fun. Once the photos are available I'll post one here, and when the video of the karaoke is on the internet I'll post a link to it...

But there's better news: right now I'm at the University of Oslo together with Annett, the cute Norwegian girl I met in Coimbra a few weeks ago. So why am I sitting behind a computer? Annett had to go to a course on Greens Functions. :) Tomorrow we're going to walk for a couple of days in the mountains, about a two-hour drive away from here. I'll try to put out some pictures later!