Tuesday, September 06, 2005

KIWI & Together in Oslo

Friday I came back from KIWI 2005, a couple of days of beer, karaoke and silly games to get to know the new students from Mathematics and Computing Science. It was a lot of fun. Once the photos are available I'll post one here, and when the video of the karaoke is on the internet I'll post a link to it...

But there's better news: right now I'm at the University of Oslo together with Annett, the cute Norwegian girl I met in Coimbra a few weeks ago. So why am I sitting behind a computer? Annett had to go to a course on Greens Functions. :) Tomorrow we're going to walk for a couple of days in the mountains, about a two-hour drive away from here. I'll try to put out some pictures later!



At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Wim said...

Have fun!

KIWI was fun, can't wait for the photos to come

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