Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Together in Groningen

It's been a while since I wrote something on my blog, and this is primary because I've been spending pretty much all my time on working on my thesis. Not all my time ofcourse; the rest of my time goes to Skyping with Annett. :)

A week ago Annett came to Groningen to see me in my natural environment, and to see my friends and family. We had such a nice time! It was so nice to go out biking together, to go to the movies, to the jazz bar and to the disco.

I gave a party, in celebration of my birthday - that had taken place four months earlier - though it was ofcourse an everybody-meet-Annett-party. I got a lot of nice presents: thanks everybody! The best present I got was a beautiful book with Norwegian folk tales. Once I'm good enough in reading Bokmål, I can read a story everytime before I go to bed. :)