Monday, November 14, 2005

Normal life in Oslo

Sunday I came back from Oslo, where I spent two weeks living together with Annett. It was very nice! Because Annett can't just take two weeks off from her job, and I need to finish my thesis, we worked (most of the time)' during office hours. I started working on my take home examination on representation theory and reading a book about algebraic geometry.

In the weekend we went to Larvik to visit Annett's parents (Magne and Ann Iren), her younger brother (Gaute) and his girlfriend (Tina), her grandmother (`bestemor') and of course their dog (Bastian). They were all very kind to me and made me feel pretty comfortable.

On saturday Annett and I went to the cabin of her parents, where we stayed for one night. Here Annett worked on her upcoming presentation (about eels :)) and I continued working on my take home. The next morning the weather was so beautiful that we decided to borrow the canoe and spent three hours on the water. After this, we went to her parents house to eat dinner and returned home.

It were two great weeks and it was so nice to lead a normal, daily life together. I can't wait until Annett comes to Groningen to celebrate Sinterklaas with me...