Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Online Address Book: Plaxo

Since I'm moving to Oslo in a couple of months, I thought it was time to get my address book straightened out. After searching on the internet for some time I found Plaxo, which is actually a calender and an interactive todo list at the same time.

There are several versions of Plaxo. One is meant for Outlook (Express), one for Internet Explorer, one for Thunderbird and an online version. I choose to make use of the online version because of the same reason I'm using an online email web application (gmail), an online feed reader (T3h Blox0r), an online weblog web application (Blogger) etc.: accessibility.

The privacy and security seems to be fair, as you can read on this page. They seem to make money from the possibility to upgrade to Plaxo Premium, which has some nice but not necessary extra features.

An essential feature is that you can import all email addresses from Outlook, Yahoo!, Netscape, Mac OS X Address Book and from Gmail (and more). Of all the 350 people I ever had an email correspondence with using my Gmail account, there was exactly one person also using Plaxo. This is partly the reason I'm writing something about it on my blog, because if more people I know start using it, I don't have to fill in their information myself. :)

Any comments? What are you guys using?


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