Friday, March 24, 2006

Master's Thesis Talk

Good news everyone, yesterday I finally gave my master's thesis talk. Also my exam program was approved (indeed, nice timing). I was rather nervous, but overall I think it went well. When Annett and I are back in Norway we'll upload some pictures. Here are the slides of the talk and a written version of the talk. The slides are made with the latex-beamer package, which is extremely easy and looks pretty good. Some people also asked me for the TeX-file. Now I just need to focus on moving to Norway and then on finishing my master's thesis. I already wrote the chapter about modern theory, which was the hardest, but still have a lot to write. That's what's going to keep me busy the next month...

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

News from Oslo

Since last Tuesday I'm in Oslo again. There are a lot of things happening at the moment.

The most time consuming right now is the writing of my masters' thesis. I made a first version of the chapter called `Modern Painleve Theory´ (which is the hardest chapter), and emailed it to my supervisors for feedback. In just eighteen days, I'll have to give the final talk, and I'm already starting to get a little bit nervous about it. I haven't really started on it yet, but did make a start with the front page of my thesis. The idea is to take a part of the Riemann sphere, put pictures on it, and then draw a nice Riemann surface on top of it to illustrate the concept of a branch point. Indeed, just like Wikipedia. :)

Something else that has been keeping me busy is the arrangement of my four-month-stay in Japan. More precisely, I should say our stay, because I'm going there together with Annett. She's going to continue her Ph.D. research there, and I'm going to learn the language better and study some mathematics. I wrote to a Japanese acquaintance of my supervisor and he gave me the address of a lecturer at the University of Tsukuba. It seems this kind man is willing to accept me as a private guest on the university, enabling me to follow lectures and making use of the computer room, library, etcetera. This is great news of course! The next thing I need to do is get a letter of recommendation and try to arrange some money.

In Oslo it just stopped snowing, and the last couple of days we had some blue skies. Even for Norwegian terms, there is a lot of snow here now; it hasn't been this much in twenty years... Some cars can only be recognized by a bit snow that reveals the shape of mirror sticking out. Thursday I saw some guy using a shovel to create a parking place for himself.

By the way, Annett just set up her own blog. If you're curious, take a look. :)