Tuesday, April 18, 2006

FSF - Recordings from the 2006 Associate Member Meeting

The FSF - Recordings from the 2006 Associate Member Meeting are available. It contains a bunch of interesting talks about DRM, and especially the speech by Eben Moglen is very interesting.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Poetry on Fibonacci sequence

The rhythm is 1/1/2/3/5/8 :). From GottaBook: More Fibbery: "
yet simple.
How mathematics
and Poetry can blend so well."

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Monday, April 03, 2006

An Idea for a Web Application to Learn a Language by Reading

Since I moved here I started to learn Norwegian more seriously, and I've been reading a lot of Norwegian lately. When I came across an online chapter of a book, in which footnotes are added to words, with a translation of these words in the margin, I got the following idea.

Wouldn't it be nice, if there was a web application that takes a text from, say, Project Gutenberg or Wikipedia, and then creates such a margin automatically? For this one needs to know for each word `how difficult it is', and a measure for this could be a list of words together with its frequency, how often the word appears. These lists exist. One could then also specify the difficulty, by setting a threshold parameter called `minimal frequency'. A next step would be to include sayings and the like, but this is of course much more difficult. I guess it is just a day of work.

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Saying Goodbye, Packing and The Big Move

The evening after my talk I went out with a couple of friends to eat dinner in the `Kleine Moghul', a nice small Indian restaurant with great food, and afterwards I met most of my friends in `Het Paard van Troje', a cozy bar in the center of Groningen. My friends gave me some very nice gifts, including a DVD Laurens, Edwin, Ramon and Sjoerd had made me with a funny movie in which they said goodbye to me. It was a very cozy evening, and I really liked saying goodbye to them in this way (of course I am still coming back in May and April).

The next couple of days I spent packing my stuff, and made some arrangements with the new inhabitant. I sold him my fridges and a big closet for 110 euro, and I didn't need to paint over my GNU! That saved us a lot of time, which we didn't really have.

The last couple of days we ate dinner at my parents, together with my brothers and their girlfriends. Finally the day arrived that we should leave. Past Tuesday we woke up at 4:00, ate a little bit, said goodbye to my parents and at 5:00 we were on our way. We carefully avoided all traffic jams to arrive two hours early at the boat in Kiel. Once on the boat we first slept for two hours, and then went down to eat a little bit and play some chess, accompanied by some alcoholic drinks and a very nice jazz band. We had a wonderful trip and arrived at nine o'clock in the morning in Oslo. We spent the rest of the day moving in my stuff. I had finally moved to Oslo! (Annett wrote more on her weblog, and you can find more pictures on her picture page.)