Friday, May 26, 2006

Abel Prize

The Swedish mathematician Lennart Carleson received the 2006 Abel Prize from Queen Sonja at an award ceremony in the University Aula in Oslo 23 May. The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research Oeystein Djupedal also attended the event.
One can read more at the website of the Abel Prize.

The Abel Prize is a famous prize in mathematics, in some sense the runner-up of the Fields Medal. On Tuesday I was at the Abel Prize ceremony. It was rather formal and I was afraid that the organization wouldn't let me in because I was completely soaked by the rain, but they were very nice to me. On Wednesday I went to the Abel Lectures, an interesting series of one-hour lectures about several topics connected to the research of Professor Carleson. Because the University of Oslo just happened to be at strike (nice timing), the schedule had to be changed somewhat to make sure not everybody would be removed of the building by the guards... I think the organization solved it very well by speeding up a little bit, thereby making sure everybody would be inside once the guards would come...



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