Wednesday, August 02, 2006

PhD position in Oslo and holiday!

Good news, everyone. That the title announces both my new job and an upcoming holiday probably indicates that I should write more frequently on my blog. Some weeks ago I started at my brand new and first real job: a PhD position at the Center of Mathematics for Applications (CMA) in Oslo! The topic will be in the area of algorithmic aspects of algebraic geometry, probably again in connection to differential equations. For my master thesis, my supervisors and I did research concerning the classification of the first order differential equations with the Painlevé property, and this was rather pure, as in not applied, mathematics. After my master thesis I realized that I wanted to switch to a slightly more applied topic, and therefore I am very glad to work for the CMA.

Although I will go to Japan in three weeks, I only just now officially moved to Norway. We sold and completely moved out Annett her apartment and now I am, only officially of course, living at her parents' place, with even my name on the mail box. This caused of course some very curious looks from the neighbours who were wondering who this new family member might be :D. I have obtained a letter stating that I can stay here until 2011, and later I will receive an official ID card. Furthermore I obtained a temporary D-number (national identification number), a bank account, a tax card and I applied for a permanent identification number. Norway doesn't seem to be very bureaucratic, because I was able to obtain all these documents in a holiday month. Having a job greatly simplifies the whole procedure.

Upcoming Saturday Annett and I will go on holiday to Croatia with a couple of friends, and after that we will attend the International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) 2006 in Bucharest. For us this conference of course has a very special meaning, because in 11 days it will be exactly a year ago that Annett and I met at ICPS 2005 in Coimbra! Because we had a rather busy year, Annett and I decided to participate only passively in this conference, so no presentations or physics shows coming from us this year. We return to Norway at the 22nd of August, and then, four days later, we will be on our way to Japan...

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At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Edwin said...

En wanneer ga je op je blog iets vertellen over je vakantie? Gaat dat nog voor de kerst gebeuren? ;-)

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Wicher said...

Bedankt voor de kaart! Ik ben benieuwd hoe het in Kroatie (en Bulgarije, afgaande op de tekst) was.

Alvast heel veel succes met de voorbereidingen voor Japan!


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