Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yesterday morning I received an e-mail stating that somebody I knew rather well has committed suicide. He studied computer science, and since he was a student assistant as well, we shared the same office space for several years. The moment I read the e-mail I was shocked, and shortly after I became very emotional. Since then I have been thinking about him and things he said all the time.

Most of us saw that he had been feeling down for a long time and didn't get much sleep, but no-one of us thought he was this depressed. And we didn't know how to help him either. Now I'm wondering if there is anything we could have done about it if we would have understood his situation better. Maybe if he had gotten some professional help, I don't know.

Yesterday was the funeral, but I couldn't be there since I am in Japan right now. I have a lot of happy memories about him, and will remember him as a very kind, funny, gifted person that was always there to help other people out. I just wish somebody could have helped him too...


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Laurens said...

It sucks ... I heard the news a week ago. It came as a shock...

I also went to the funeral. It was very emotional. He was carried to his final resting place on the song of The Alan Parson Project - Old & Wise. You should listen it. Everytime I hear it I think of Timo.

"As far as my eyes can see
There are Shadows approaching me
And to those I left behind
I wanted you to Know
You've always shared my deepest thoughts
You follow where I go

And oh when I'm old and wise
Bitter words mean little to me
Autumn Winds will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they asked me if I knew you
I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine
And the sadness would be Lifted from my eyes
Oh when I'm old and wise

As far as my Eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me
And to those I leave behind
I want you all to know
You've always Shared my darkest hours
I'll miss you when I go

And oh, when I'm old and wise
Heavy words that tossed and blew me
Like Autumn winds that will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you if you knew me
Remember that You were a friend of mine
As the final curtain falls before my eyes
Oh when I'm Old and wise"

Time will be missed. He was a colleague and a friend. Rest in peace pall.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad.


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