Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Apartment

After living for one and a half month together, though unofficially for me, in a one person student dorm, we finally moved into our new apartment! With only a dining table and accompanying chairs left to come, we are pretty much finished with decorating the apartment. And it's huge with its 53 m2 (especially of course when you're coming from a 12 m2 student dorm). We were able to print many pictures, mostly from Japan, at Annett's parents' printer at quite a high quality, framed them and attached them to the wall. Although we are not, of course, by any means professional photographers, it most certainly gives the apartment a personal touch.

Saturday evening we held a house warming party and it was very cozy. We managed to narrow our group of selected guests down to a hundred of our closest friends. Just kidding, but in any case we would have had enough tapas for that many people... You know the drill, everybody is afraid that there is not going to be enough food, and you end up with ridiculous amounts of aioli and crackers.

Anyway, by now I have hopefully distracted you enough to shamelessly show of what the apartment features: a very complete kitchen with a dish washer and a small kitchen table with chairs (where we have breakfast every morning), a large storage room downstairs, a huge in-wall closet in the bedroom with a 2m x 1m mirror (to give an impression: all of Annett's clothes fit in there), a nice small desk in the bed room and a new five-person couch that can be turned into a double-bed. Check out the pictures!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Steve Jobs argues for DRM-free music

Yesterday Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, wrote a post in which he argues for DRM-free music. It is an interesting read, explaining the decision for Apple (and Microsoft and Sony) to "DRM-protect" their music files, the difficulties with having a universal DRM-scheme for all music distributors, and Apple's stand in this matter.

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