Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trip to Ålesund

At ten in the morning we were on our way to Ålesund, a seasided village of which the largest part lies on an island. Being known for the Jugendstil, Ålesunds city image is largely dominated by stone houses built in this style.

When In 1904 a fire burned down large parts of the city, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had been a frequent visitor to the area, had genereously sent several ships with resources for rebuilding the city. This time, though, the houses were to be build out of stone instead of wood and in the contemporary Jugenstil.

(image by Michael Krautwasser available under the GFDL 1.2)

The girls and me discovered that from the top of the local hill Aksla you can get a great view over the city. You can see this for yourself on the pictures above. Although we only spend three hours in Ålesund, this was enough to visit the Jugendstil museum and get a general feel of the atmosphere.



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